About Us


The Dostiplus.com is one of the largest entertainment portal in Asia.

It broadcasts various genres of Desi Music like Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Bhangra, Geet, Ghazal, Qawali as well as Pop, Rock , Folk, Hiphop, Classical & Remixes. It is a multilingual channel covering all major languages of Indo-pak Sub-Continent including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi & English etc.

The Dostiplus mission is to provide creative quality entertainment to listeners and in doing so a focused and reliable platform to advertisers.

The Ocean Of Melodies In Fabulous Way.

Gone are the days when music entertainment was confined to old analogue tuners. All they could offer was poor sound quality and shallow reach. 21st century corrected this sorry state by offering improved sound quality, better accessibility and a global reach. A new phenomenon called online radio was born. Now you could listen to previous shows, make online playlists and download songs. You did not have to turn your tuner on anymore to listen to terrestrial broadcast. It was all accessible by your personal computer. The era of digital media had just begun!

Our aim is to provide an entertaining platform to all users and listeners so they enjoy every bit of life. We also providing a Chatroom to interact with other chatters around the world globally. The main thing is that we operation Online Internet Radio with Capable Rj’s and Dj’s who always try to play good music and talk about different entertaining and practical topics, so all listners and users could interact with them thorugh chatroom and also give them the reviews and reply on the topic and aslo they can tell Rj’s and Dj’s for dedication.

Best Regards;
Dostiplus Chat & Radio Team