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Agneepath – Movie Review

Agneepath – Movie Review

Dec 20, 2011

Karan Johar’s AGNEEPATH continues to make news! It’s said that Karan has decided to tone down violent sequences in the film, before dispatching the prints to Overseas. Reason? The Indian diaspora, generally, tilts towards rom-coms, while films depicting violence and bloodshed find limited takers internationally. Perhaps, this must have prompted Karan to trim those scenes.

Karan admits he discussed the issue with the Overseas distributor of AGNEEPATH [Eros], but he clarifies, “It wouldn’t be right to say anything at this juncture, till we watch the final cut of the film. But I’d like to add that the violence is more in words and emotions in AGNEEPATH. There’s no bloodshed, gore or unnecessary violence that may put off the viewer. My director’s [Karan Malhotra] fundas are clear. He’s aimed the film at the universal audience. There’s no cause for worry.”

Meanwhile, after creating dhamaka by unleashing the first theatrical trailer of AGNEEPATH a few months ago, the enterprising producer will kick-start non-stop promotions of the film from 16/17 December onwards, beginning with the ‘Chikni Chameli’ track, which has been filmed on Katrina Kaif. Besides, the new theatrical trailer of AGNEEPATH will be attached to the prints of DON 2.


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