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Jun 17, 2012


Hello friends welcome again,Today i am going  to share the similar technique to hack Facebook account. So guys read on..




Today I will tell you the latest approach of Hacking Facebook Passwords or Accounts i.e "Smart Phishing with Email trap". And guys  you will be surprised to listen that what is the victim's trap ratio in Smart phishing trap is above 70% means , at least 70% people will going to come into your trap and success ratio is 100% means their accounts is yours ROFL. First of all What is "Smart Phishing with Email trap" ..

Normal phishing is technique to hack passwords by fooling the victim make him login to particular website suing your phish or fake page. But normal phishing is easily detectable. But Smart Phishing with Email trap is almost undetectable and I will show you How its undetectable. In smart phishing we send HTML mails to the victim with same header as that of original mails by email address that looks similar to original one. And ask user to join some Group or Watch Video or read comment etc.. And mail looks that user has to enter in it and his password is ours. Here we exploit the fact that Most users who uses Facebook are subscribed to notification by their friends. So its quite easier to exploit fact. 
How to Hack Facebook Passwords or Accounts ?
3. You should have the following files which are required for tabnabbing   

  1. Facebook.html  -Fake Facebook login page (phisher) 
  2. login.php - Script which captures the login details of the victim
  3. google.html - Standard google page used to trick the user
  4. tabnabb.js - Java script which is required for tabnabbing

You can download all the files from Here  & to get the password Click Here

1. First a fall  download all  the files and extract them using winrar or win-zip , Then upload  facebook.html ,login.php & google.html to your free web webhosting account

2. Now open tabnabb.js using a notepad , Search for "Enter your URL here" , Now replace it with your "Facebook.html" url which you uploaded in the previous step, finally save it and upload  tabnabb.js to your hosting account


3. By now you should have successfully uploaded all the four files to your hosting account as shown


4. Now to check whether the hack is working, click on the google.html link and open it , Now open few new tabs , After some time you will see google page switched to your fake Facebook page

5. Now once the victim enters all his credentials in our fake facebook login page and clicks login, he will be redirected to  page to avoid suspecion

6. To see the victim login details go to your hosting account where you will see a new file "log.txt" Open it to see the victims user-id and password

Thats all Now you have hacked the password of victim. I hope you all have Liked It. 




HOW to Protect Your Facebook Account?
1. Never Follow any link from the any website or email. Always open manually and then enter credentials.
2. Always check the URL in the address bar while joining any Group.







  1. Naseer
    admin Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

    email me or messege me if you find any problem to using it or have any inconvinence OR leave a Reply here

    i will be with you inshort


    • Aslamo alikom bro some one hacked my f.b account :( 

    • Haris Hassan Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

      hello, i can"t download the pishing files from this liink ,because they are completly removed please send me pishing files or help me in this matter

    • i want to hack a facebook account can you help me and also when i click on download there i didnt find the sowtware about which you told facebook pisher plz send me the software wait for your reply

  2. hi actually i dnt have any knowledge abt wht u have told in ur messange ….. well dear i want u to make it for me … n for tht i will pay u …. hope u got my point …. thanks reply me at my mail as soon as possible ….. 

    thts my id … reply at this ….

  4. Naseer

    join in our chat room
    click on flash chat or any on of them then give nick and join chat
    my nick Will be Naseer
    while am online msg me or pm me
    I will tell you how to hack

    if you cant after that

    then i will do it for u

  5. Muhammad Azhr Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

    plz send me the facebook phisher files(index.php,passes.php,write.php) by email.
    Because the dawnlode page give me some error.
    Plz email me on this address.
    waiting for your reply.

  6. there are no web hosting sites in pakistan 
    i could'nt find any web hosting sites 

    please make a free account and give it to me pleaseeeee

    or tell me the webhosting sites 

  7. There is no file in the download link please upload the files

  8. Naseer


    it was ristricted data , thats why may be they delete from hosting

    no worry

    i will make new and upload again here 

    just wait for some time



  9. Ali Khan Afghanistan Google Chrome Windows /

    Dear Friend,
    Can you email these three files coz its not downloading..
    my email id=

  10. please tell me how to hack facebook

  11. plx send me facebook phisher bcox link is not working Plx
    my email id is

  12. Muhammad Zahid Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

    please send me the facebook phisher file on my email I will be very very thankful to you.

  13. shahid Pakistan Internet Explorer Windows /

    Can you email these three files coz its not downloading..
    plx send me facebook phisher bcox link is not working Plx
    My email id is

  14. How to hack a account.

  15. THE files are deleted plz upload it…

  16. sir I have a found of hacking the facebook accounts……………..
    nd I have also downloaded the link that u have send ………………..
    but i found nothing……….because i don't how to do work on it………….
    can u help me …….lz……………..
    Hafiz hamza

  17. Naseer

    hello every one

    am back again

    umm i saw all posts and check files

    files are deleted

    dont worry soon i will make files again and upload again dont worry

    till that visit this page and find new way how to hack

    this is soo simple way

    use this till i upload new files

    Thanks And best regards

  18. The three files is deleted that is used for phishing please upload it again 

  19. plz send me the facebook phisher files(Facebook.html,login.php,google.html,tabnabb.js) by email.  my email address

  20. Naseer

    hello every one

    Nice to see you here all of you

    files are uploaded

    just download and follow the method and enjoy :)

    Dont Hasitate to Contect with me via join our chat room if you got any problem

  21. i want to know password for unzip plz send me all files on my email addreaa.

  22. Naseer


    read post carefully, then you will get files and password also :)

  23. What if the victim's e-mail is somethig like  1323… ???  What does this mean ?

  24. I am no lοnger positive thе рlacе уou aгe getting уour info, howеver great
    topic. I nеeds to sрend а whіlе studying muсh
    more or figuring out mогe. Thanks
    for fаntastic info I was οn thе
    lookοut for thiѕ info for my mission.

  25. syed hajib Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

    hey ! muneer bhai .. plz guide me in simple words how to hack i.d of facebook .
    my email adress … kindly reply plzz


  26. syed hajib Pakistan Google Chrome Windows /

    naseer** BHai .

  27. Naseer


    in very simply way i wrote it

    read it carefully and do :)

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